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Me thinks it's time I start drinking.
It helps everyone else deal with thie problems... rite?

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I still check LJ from time to time.
It looks like I've only made 7 posts since Christmas before last.

It's <3 Day

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Teen Sets Self On Fire To Imitate YouTube Clip

McCrea (The Mom) said the boys were trying to copy a stunt they saw on the video sharing Web site, YouTube, where a man in a banana suit lights himself on fire.

She believes YouTube is partially to blame for her son' pain.


The guy in the banana suit gets totally fucked up.
I could maybe understand if the banana suit guy did something hella rad cool.
Like... jump over a car, kick a ninja in the face and landed in a porno staring moi... whilst being on fire....

But no. He didn't.

Banana Suit Fire via Ebaum's World

He sat there and fooking rolled around in pain while bits of his face melted off.
Yeah... sounds totally awesome.

I can't wait to get home from work and do the same.


EDIT: Youtube took down the vid. Still up on Ebaum's tho.
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So yeah.
I still read LJ and stuff... just don't post.
I'll try and change that.

Till then...

Train Vs. Tornado
Right around 1:00 in.

I fought the urge to play a remix of this at the last Assimilation.
Obscure FM - Micheal Jackson is in Heaven Now
Don't listen... you won't like it.
Twas on a old Roadkill CD... remix DJ CD magazine thingy and stuff and junks I bought to get Apotheosis - O fortuna when it came out.

I at least wanted to play the sound clip "Micheal Jaskon is in Heaven Now"... but even pussed out of doin that.

Balls balls balls.
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DJ Djörk

+ Whaz been going on DJ? +


Lets see... last post was my birthday weekend.
The next weekend was Matthew's b-day party at Dave & Busters, and then Neo Victorian in Arkansas.

Dave & Busters was a'ight. Nothing super special. I hear we got a bastardized version of a standard one.
Not as big, too many kids, etc etc.
Neo was good, except it was attack DJ's nipples night... and I was running from people more than dancing.
The afterparty not so good. I really like the place they usually do after parties at.
Not sure what happened this time... guess no one brought equipment.

That Wed I spun a little at the 2nd to last MixTape.
Didn't know it was the 2nd to last one until that night.
I had fun and didn't do too horrible... but if I had known it was the 2nd to last one...
I would have played a lot more well known tunes, instead of stuff that I thought would do well there.

That weekend was The Good vs. Evil party at Chad and Shelly's in AR. Good times.

Tons of people showed up for the last MixTape. I bailed early. Too many people, too hot... etc.

This last weekend was Assimilation, which was crazy good.
Twas also the celebration for Shanna, Desiree & Margaret's birth days.
That Sunday a group of us went to see Fanboys... and if you have any Nerd in you... you have to go see it.

And that brings us up to speed.

This weekend it's back to AR to spin at Neo Victorian.
It's usually the 2nd Sat of every month... but it's being moved because the venue double booked or some such.
Moving regularly scheduled events is usually not good... so we'll see.
Tis my first time spinning at Neo but not my first time spinning for Bobby.
I hope he plans to have me out at more events.

May's Assimilation will mark the 1 year anniversary. It shall be a good night.
After that, a few of us are planning on going to Dallas and hit up The Church for Memorial Day.

Then I'll be in Network+ class for that week. Work is paying for me to get my Network+ certificate.
Is niiiice.

Thus ends my boring post.
I'll be more entertaining later.
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It's <3 Day

+ B-day in Review +


The weekend was chalked full of funs.

Friday I attended Cybernetik.

Saturday I got up and went to the Gun & Knife show with the Bro.
I r not a Gun & Knife show kind of person... but I was curious to see one.
I mainly went to hang with the bro and scope out all the WWII (mainly German) paraphernalia.
There was 123,902,348,923,579 people. I figured I'd see something like State Fair numbers.
But it seemed like it was twice the number of people that go to the fair... and they were all in one building.
I did see some interesting things, but way to much of the same uninteresting thing over and over.

That night was 80's Prom and I boogied almost all night. Saw some faces I haven't seen in awhile.
Jamison got gypped out of proper DJ cred when some guy (not Robbo) was giving DJ's their do.
The guy even went over the same DJ's a couple of times and still failed to mention Jamison.
I also wasn't fond of Moody's spin'n. Good mixer... but he was only playing tiny 10 ~ 30 second clips of songs.
Yeah yeah... it's 80's Prom and there's tons of music that can be played.
But the songs were going by too fast for me (and others I hear) to enjoy 'em.

Got home and it was officially my b-day so me and my girlfriend (pictured below) opened my presents.

From mom... the stack of clothes on the left... I'll probably not wear. :(
(But at least she'll have something she can sell in the next garage sale, during her next visit.)
The Pajama bottoms on the right... I prolly will. :)
A Santa Mr. Potato Head (oops), some cologne, small CD case, and a pen and pencil set.
Plus the $100 smackers that helped me out on my Dallas trip.

annabelevil wins the good gift award buy hooking me up with some Cyber Goggles.
I also got a few band shirts and a VF shirt. A And One lanyard, syringe pen & other assorted VF bits.

Sunday I got up... packed my shit and headed to Dallas. I originally had planned to grab a few peeps to go down.
There wasn't a ton of initial interest, and toward my b-day I decided I'd fly solo.
I do best on my lonesome, cause I like to show up early and stay late... and others usually hate that.
Wasn't a super busy night at The Church... but I still danced a ton and hung out with Joe in the DJ Boothz.
Legs were all noodle-ly from being used up at 80's prom... but I still managed.

I didn't get home until 9:30ish Monday night. I asked my boss if I could take Tuesday off as well.
Needed a lil more recoup time from the busy weekend, plus I was in dire need of laundry and groceries and had movie plans for that night.

So yup... another year older.
Had a super swell weekend full of yayness.

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